Dukung Video “Peumulia Bule” di Agam Inong (Duta Wisata) Banda Aceh 2014


Dukung Video “Peumulia Bule” di Agam Inong (Duta Wisata) Banda Aceh 2014

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Finalis: Furqan Maudhudy (Agam) & Cut Sannas Saskia (Inong)

Darussalam | “Peumulia Jame Adat Geutanyoe” (Glorifying Guest Are Our Indigenous) is a great culture in Aceh and we hope, we could keep it forever. ‘Peumulia’ is the language of Aceh, which means it is glorifying, while ‘Bule’ is a term in Indonesia to the Foreign Tourists. So, Peumulia Bule is glorified tourists who come as guests. This video is our entry into Agam Inong Banda Aceh “Tourism Ambassador” video contest. Agam Inong Banda Aceh Theme is “Everyone is Tourism Ambassador”. In this video, they choose Aceh Tsunami Museum because it was one of the top destinations for tourist to come to Banda Aceh. Vote ends on 24th March 2014. The most viewed & voted video will be a Favorited Champion. []


FilmMaker Crews :

Furqan Maudhudy | Tourism Candidate for Agam Banda Aceh
Cut Sannas Saskia | Tourism Candidate for Inong Banda Aceh
Rinaldy Hasbi | Cameraman
Jovid | Tajikistan, Tourist
Ahmad | Turkey, Tourist

Editing :

With the little touch of Magisto and Fatih Bilingual School’s Lab. Computer.